This Is What Happens To Your Breasts When You Stop Having Sex




There are numerous benefits of an active sex life but do you know your body goes through many changes when you stop having regular sex. Some major facts are given below


1. Your stress might goes up

When you are active in sex, your breast sends signals to brain to release hormone oxytocin. It is a feel good hormone. If you are not active in sex, you will not get any benefit of this hormone and your stress level may go up


2. Breast cancer risk increases

A study shows that women who are less involved in sex have higher chances to get breast cancer. Sex once in a month can reduce cancer risk


3. You’ll not feel comfortable with your partner

If you are not active and stopped it for long time, suddenly your body will not prepare for it. Next time when you want to start your sex life again, initially you will feel discomfort and also your body will take more time to reach orgasm


4. Your ability to have a nipple orgasm decreases.

Yes, nipple orgasms are possible. But refraining from getting freaky can actually decrease your chances of having one.

“Some lucky women can achieve orgasm through breast stimulation and, like all such skills, needs practice to continue reaching orgasm. If they stop having sex, they might not remember how to find the exact type of stimulation in what exact order was necessary for them to achieve orgasm through nipple stimulation,” says Dr. Alyse Kelly-Jones, an OB/GYN.


5. Breast will lose their firmness

Believe it or not but sex in regular interval is the best exercise for your boobs. When you put stop on your sex life, they may lose their firmness, tone, buoyancy.


6. They will become smaller

Your breast volume increase during sexual arousal because blood flow increases to the breast. Just like a penis needs regular blood flow to become erect and engorged, so does the breast. Without breast stimulation, some of these arterial pathways can become atrophic and blocked. Once they are blocked, you can’t get them back

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