Tips on what to wear on your first date




First dates are special — there are butterflies in the stomach and there is a glint in the eye. There is an excitement that is hard to explain.

Dress well on your first date. After all, it is true that half the battle is won if you make the right first impression. This write-up is your guide to what to wear on your first date and the different occasions that will follow.


restaurant-1248735_1280Be sexy, but be elegant. It is important to make a bold statement. However, it is equally important to not give away any wrong signals. If you are planning on wearing something short, make sure that you are flashing only a single part of your body. If you are blessed with long legs, wear a short black dress. If you have thunder thighs, accentuate them with a good pair of jeans and a cute top — a flirty look that has done many women good.


Image Credits: Christopher Brown

It’s also important to dress up while keeping your date in mind. If the guy you are meeting is short, you do not want to embarrass him by wearing sky-high heels. Ofcourse, there are men who do not care about how tall you are or how short they are, but such men are rare.

Be natural. It’s a universal fact that boys don’t like painted dolls. This does not mean that you must stay away from make-up on your first date. Most certainly not. It only means that you should do make-up that’s light and subtle. If you are planning on wearing red lipstick, keep the rest of your make-up nude. After all, on your first date, you want you and not your face to be the focus of your conversation.


couple-913236_640Leave your hair open — there is something with boys and open hair. Do not experiment with your hair on the first date. Bad experiments lead to bad results and you do not want to take any chances on your first date, right?



If you make the right first move, chances are your first date will be followed by a movie night or a dinner and it is important that you are dressed well for every occasion.


Gentleman in restaurant before dinner or date
Gentleman in restaurant before dinner or date

Dinner nights make the time when you can put your best foot forward — it’s okay to be dressy. As a matter of fact, it is okay to be slightly overdressed, but it not okay to be under-dressed. You can bring out your sexiest LBD and match it with an ultra-glam red lipstick. Throw in a chunky necklace and your date’s eye will not notice anyone, but you. You can also wear your favorite jumpsuit with that body chain that you absolutely love. And it’s finally time to bring out your sexiest pair of heels.


Young couple watching a film at the cinema
Young couple watching a film at the cinema

However, for a movie night, we recommend keeping it casual. Casual does not mean you take the boring root. It only means that you must pick up clothes that are comfortable. Maxi skirts are in vogue this season. Pair your favorite maxi skirt with a black tank and you are good to go. Wear a wrap dress — they are comfortable and sexy at the same time. However, if you are not in mood to dress at all, a pair of jeans and a tie-waist, button-down shirt should be your instant choice. Pair them with white sneakers and you will effortlessly chic.