Want Abs? You must not fall for these three lies




A good body can be a huge turn on. These days when so much impetus is put on physical well-being, a good body is a must have. A well-toned muscular body with chiselled abs is a dream of many people. However, there are only a few who are able to make this dream a reality. This is mostly because abs and muscles require hard work and persistence. More often than not, people give up their quest for a perfect body after only a couple of weeks of working out or dieting. However, sometimes, people put in their best efforts and yet are not able to sculpt the perfect abs. This happens mostly when people are following an exercise regime or a diet that is completely wrong.

Sometimes we are fed with lies that become a hindrance to our goal of achieving well-sculpted abs. Here are a few lies that you must completely ignore if you want a lean and muscular body.


1. All you need to do is exercise


This is perhaps the biggest lie that has been fed into your system. People are taught that if they work out everyday, they will stay healthy and will take no time to develop a perfect pack of abs. Wrong! Exercising is most certainly very important. However, there are other things at play here that really matter. To start with, even the most aggressive workout routine will not deliver results if your basal metabolism is slow.
Basal Metabolic rate is defined as the rate at which human body burns calories to produce energy required to pump and maintain essential bodily functions like breathing. If you have a slow metabolism rate, your body will be inefficient at burning calories which will eventually get stored inside body and turn into fat. If you want perfect abs, you should start by ensuring that you have a good metabolic rate.

There are so many ways in which you can increase your body’s metabolism. Exercising is one way. That aside, one must consume a lot of water if one wants to enhance their metabolism. Human body requires water to bring about the breakdown of calories inside the body. You must consume at least 8 glasses of water everyday. That apart, eat fruits and vegetables that have a high water content. Yet another way to boost metabolism is to eat small portions of food at regular intervals. Eating a heavy diet after a long break slows down a person’s metabolism. You should also include a lot of proteins in your diet if you wish to increase your metabolism. The body consumes more energy in digesting protein than anything else.


2. Cardio is the best exercise to do


While cardio has its benefits, it is perhaps the most over-rated of all exercises. While cardio will help deliver results in the short run, it is not an exercise that will help you achieve long-term fitness. People usually prefer a cardio routine as it is easier to do. Contrarily, a full body workout requires a lot of strength and perseverance.
Why is resistance or full body workout more effective than cardio? If facts are to be believed then a full body workout increases the rate of metabolism. It is believed that after a rigorous full body workout session, your metabolic rate will stay spiked for up to 36 hours. This figure only goes to show that you will burn many more calories if you replace your cardio-based exercise routine with a full body workout.


Resistance training or a full body workout is more effective than cardio because it helps to achieve an enhanced lean body mass. Lean body mass is essentially the combined weight of bones, organs, and muscles and plays a key role in determining the basal metabolic rate of a person. The metabolic rate is directly proportional to the lean body mass — if the lean body mass increases, the basic metabolic rate will increase too and you will be able to burn many calories naturally.


So what are some good alternatives to cardio? To get perfectly sculpted abs, you must include circuits, lunges, squats, planks, crunches, sit-ups, torso twists, and push-ups in your exercise routine. Design an exercise routine that is built around building endurance and strength.


3. You should stay away from carbohydrates


A common myth is that if you want a six pack, you must stay away from carbohydrates at any cost. This is a half-baked fact that you can easily forget. While a high calorie-diet will not do you any good, you must not also give up on carbohydrates completely. Complex and fibrous carbohydrates are actually required by the body when you are working out.

A good diet is the first step towards a healthier body. Contrary to the popular belief, a good diet isn’t one that excludes carbohydrates. As a matter of fact, a good diet is one that has proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in right amounts. When you are working out to get six packs, you must eat a diet rich in protein as protein cuts fat. That aside, your diet should also contain carbohydrates and fats but in much lesser amounts. A good way to balance your carbohydrate intake is to take a high-carb diet on days when you are working out rigorously and ease out a bit on carbohydrates when you have a relatively easier workout session lined up for the day.

The best time to eat carbohydrates is right after working out as it is during this time that the body actually needs carbohydrates to fuel up your muscles. Rest assured, the carbohydrates you eat right after a workout session will not add to your body weight.

Getting perfectly-toned abs is not as difficult as people think it is. It all starts with exercising regularly and eating a good diet. These aside, there are so many other small things that you can do to increase your chances of getting a six pack. If you wish to see quick and effective results, you must eat your breakfast every day. Likewise, you must also consume plenty of fiber. Try to avoid desserts as they are capable of ruining your entire workout within seconds. Stay committed to your workout sessions and do not skip them for anything. Consume multivitamins to put essential nutrients inside your body. And most importantly, do not believe the lies.

The internet is full of half-baked facts that exist only because someone decided to put them there without doing enough research. Do not believe everything you read or hear. Do your research and find your facts.

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