Ways To Get Your Baby Sleep Through The Night




As a new mother, you must be struggling with the strenuous sleeping schedule of your baby. Newborn babies keep you awake all night and drain you of your energy. However, you can regulate the sleep schedule of your baby by doing certain small things. Here’s what you should do to make your baby sleep through the night:

1. Newborn babies sleep well with a pacifier in their mouth. However, their sleep gets broken every time the pacifier falls down. To make them sleep longer, make sure they have the pacifier intact in their mouth.

2. Do not make any noise. Babies sleep light, even a faint sound can break their sleep. To make them sleep better, leave the fan on. The even sound of fan will make them sleep better by cancelling every other noise.

3. Newborn babies sleep a lot. They sleep for anything between 14-16 hours, and they complete half of their sleep during the night. Thus, do not try to make your baby sleep for more than 8 hours during the night. They simply won’t.

4. Create a bedtime routine for your baby. It’s going to be a bit difficult in the start, but once your baby picks up on the habit, it will be a lot more easier for you.

5. Put your baby to sleep in soft and comfortable clothes. Make sure their clothes are loose enough to let them breathe easily. Likewise, you do not want to make them uncomfortable by wrapping them in fabrics that feel harsh against their skin.

6. If you want your baby to sleep through the night, you must maintain the right temperature in the room. Babies sleep well if you keep the room temperature between 16 and 20 degree Celsius. Anything lower or higher will break their sleep.

7. Newborn babies must be fed at regular intervals. This means they will get up during the night so that they can be fed. When this happens, keep patience. Do not try to put them back to sleep instantly. Instead, give them some time to relax after they are done feeding. This will make them sleep better and longer.

8. Stay close to your baby while they are sleeping. However, give them enough space to breathe and move around a bit. If you are sleeping next to your baby, you will be able to comfort them immediately if and when they begin to cry. Likewise, if they get up hungry, you will be there to breastfeed them and put them back to sleep.

9. If you want your baby to sleep longer, you must feed them one hour prior to putting them to sleep. This will make them sleep better because they won’t get in the middle of the night feeling hungry.

10. Early bed time routine works best. Many parents delay putting their child to sleep hoping they will sleep till late the next morning. Contrary to this, when you delay the sleep time, the baby gets tired and is unable to sleep well and keeps getting up during the night. Create an early bed-time routine if you want peace for you and your child.