When you should avoid practicing sports during pregnancy




We all know the importance of sport at all ages and for both genders. There are numerous benefits for sport for the general health statues, and the body fitness as well. But, is there a specific benefits for women, and for the pregnant women In particular?? How sports during pregnancy can help the pregnant women?? That`s what we are going to reveal in the next lines.


Practicing sports during pregnancy can be very beneficial to cope the body changes , like shape and weight. Normally the last 2 month of pregnancy have a lot of healthy troubles, which can be all reduced by following simple routine exercises since the start of the pregnancy, which can also facilitate the process of natural giving birth.
According to mane specialists, practicing sport during pregnancy doesn’t affect the fetus growth. Selecting the proper sport type is essential, as long and violent sport are totally not supported. For example, If you’re a fan of walk sport, you can do that for only 30 minutes daily.

The permanent practice of sports during pregnancy will improve the entire health statue for the women, and make the body ready to endure the pain of labor, and also it helps to eliminate problems such as back pain, tiredness, and excessive fatigue. In addition, there`re important researches claimed the role of permanent sport practicing in reducing the risk of diabetes, which occur during pregnancy.

When you should avoid practicing sports during pregnancy?

In some situations we have to avoid to practice any sort of sports, for example:
– Severe bleeding or simple dotting
– Low placenta
– Recurrent miscarriage
– History of premature birth
– The weakness of the cervix

In the present of one or all of the last syndrome, please stop sports immediately, and have a good rest till the birth date.


What are the advised sports to be practiced during pregnancy?

Well, Most of sports are fine to be practiced during pregnancy if we are going to practice it within normal ways. Swimming , fast walk, riding a bike in closed areas, and aerobic exercises are the from the best practiced for sports during pregnancy. One condition before starting any sport is to ask the consult for professional coach, as well as the gynecologist. Tennis and ping pong can be also good sports to practice during pregnancy, in condition that no sudden imbalance for the body should take place during the games, as its essential for all pregnant women to avoid the sudden movements totally.


As we mentioned the matching sports during pregnancy, we also should know what kind of sports/ activities to avoid during this critical stage for every women. There are some exercises and activities that can be harmful if performed during pregnancy, they include:

– To hold your breath
– Activities where fall may happen (such as skiing and horseback riding).
– Activities that require connectivity such as football and basketball.
– Any exercise which may include even light shock in the abdominal area, like those which include rapid changes in direction.
– Activities that require jumping or running.
– Deep knee bends in
– Twisting movements while standing waist
– Exercise in hot and humid weather.
– Workouts after 16 weeks of pregnancy that require lying on your back
– Diving.

In the end, practicing sports during pregnancy have a lot of benefits for pregnant women, and it can turn in a lot of benefits at her health. In same time, we highly recommend to take the advice of your own doctor before deciding any sport.

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