Why should you follow fashion?




Fashion is one of those constantly changing variables that has the potential to move you from a failed person to a successful human being. People, often, do not realize the importance of following fashion and making a statement with their outward appearance. Fashion is considered shallow. On the contrary, it is one of those arts that define the human body.

The question is: why should you follow fashion?

Image Credits: Daniel M Viero

They say making the right first impression can make you win half the battle. It’s most certainly true — in real world, it is all about making the first impression count. Following fashion is important because your clothes and accessories make a statement about you. It tells the world who you are and what are your tastes. While it is most certainly true that people fall for inner beauty, inner beauty exposes itself only with time. People do not understand the person you are until they have met you a couple of times. However, when you meet a person for the first time, they notice your outer beauty and that includes the way you dress and style yourself. People follow fashion trends because it makes the right first impression.

Image Credits: Daniel M Viero

People also follow fashion because it gives them confidence. When you are dressed right, you feel right. There is confidence in the way you move and present yourself to other people. It is a lie that clothes don’t matter. Clothes, actually, matter — they matter to you and everyone else around you. People read and judge you on the basis of how you appear and how you dress. Your looks may be given by God, but your style is chosen by you. When you are fashionably smart, people get easily impressed. They know you are a smart being who is capable of moving ahead in life.
Fashion is an art that allows people to express themselves through their clothes. It allows you to make a statement about yourself. However, what it does even more significantly is making you a favorite of people. Everybody loves people who are well-dressed and well-spoken. Fashion forward people are always loved and admired. People love fashion because it gives them a sense of belonging and respect.

Some people follow fashion because it gives them a thrill. There is a joy that comes along with shopping for new things. Don’t you feel amazing when you look at those beautiful shoes you brought last week? Likewise, doesn’t it feel good when you finally buy a bag that you have always wanted? People follow fashion trends and buy new things because it makes them happy and because everybody deserves to splurge on things that make them happy.

Following fashion trends is important. If you want to succeed in life, you must keep up with the world of fashion and in fact, conquer it. However, following fashion does not mean you will blindly wear what everybody else is wearing and give up on your individualistic style. Your distinctive style will make you stand out in the crowd of fashion forward people. Following trends is important, but it is equally important to give your personal touch to these fashion trends to create a style that’s entirely your own.

Through this blog, we endeavour to do the same. We do not only try to inform people about popular fashion trends, we also try to promote individualistic efforts of moulding fashion to suit one’s own needs and tastes.

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