Why should you not indulge in body shaming?




In an age, where everyone is vying for a supermodel’s body, body shaming has become rather common. People do not think once before commenting on someone’s body. If statistics are to believed, an average woman is not usually a size zero but size fourteen — even with this fact, people presume that every woman they see will be a size zero. Fashion magazines have created a hollow idea of beauty, one that corresponds to impossible fashion ideals. The focus has shifted from being healthy to being thin. Women with curves are looked down upon. Body shaming, though unacceptable, has become routine.

Body shaming should be criticized and condemned essentially because no human being has the authority to tell another that they have a fat or an ugly body. Here are some more reasons that explain why body shaming is wrong.

What people do is their own choice


Body shaming is wrong because you do not have any right to comment on anyone else’s choices. The next time you see a healthy woman in a bikini, do not frown or comment. Likewise, if you see someone curvy wearing a body-fitted dress, do not pass a comment. These women have every right to wear what they want because it is their body they are decorating with clothes and not yours. On the contrary, you must appreciate such women because confidence is one of the most sexiest things to have. A bulky or curvy woman will be able to carry a figure-hugging dress only when she is comfortable in her skin and that’s a trait not all women possess.

It says more about you than it says about them

When you body shame other people, it says a lot more about you than it says about them. When you comment on someone saying they are fat or ugly, you present yourself as a shallow human being who is unable to see beyond external appearances. When you indulge in body shaming, you present yourself as a selfish person who doesn’t care about anyone else’s feelings. You should stay away from body shaming because you do not want to be seen as a subverted and superficial being.

You are not qualified to comment on someone’s health

Body shaming is wrong because you are neither a doctor nor a nutritionist and hence, you are not qualified enough to make a comment on someone else’s body. You do not know someone’s story to be able to comment on their body. That person you call fat might be dealing with an ailment which makes it difficult for them to control their weight. Likewise, someone you call fat might be going through some personal issues which might be making it difficult for them to control their weight. A person’s face does not tell their story. And in a situation where you do not know the exact truth, it is better to stay quite than say something hurtful.

Body shaming does not benefit anyone — neither those who body shame others nor those who are body shamed. As a matter of fact, it only leaves people deeply hurt and lacking in confidence and this is precisely why body shaming is condemnable.

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