10 things you should always carry in your bag




A bag is the most underrated fashion accessory — not only does it complete your entire look, it also serves as a place where you can keep all your essentials. It is important to organize your bag and fill it with things that you will actually need to go through a day. When it comes organizing a bag, most women end with a mascara and a lipstick. However, there is so much more that should go inside your bag.

What should you carry in your bag? Here is you answer.

1. Always keep a hand sanitizer in your bag. Hygiene is important. Throughout a day, you will come across many things that will
transfer dirt to your hand. Use a hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean and protect yourself from any kind of infection.


2. Always also keep a band-aid in your bag. While you can’t carry the entire first-aid box with you, a band-aid can prove to be of great use if you end up getting a small cut or a bruise


3. Throw in a tampon. Of course, you don’t need a tampon every day of the month. However, there is always a woman who can use one.


4. Keep a small bottle of Aspirin. Headaches come uninvited and they trouble you on unexpected days. Keep a small bottle of aspirin that you can use in case an uninvited headache begins to ruin your day.



5. Keep your business cards. You never know when you will run into a potential client or an employer. A professional woman always keeps herself fully ready.



6. A pen should also go into your bag. On a busy day, you might feel the need to scribble some important notes. Likewise, you might also feel the need to pen down your inner most thoughts while sipping your favorite coffee. A pen will come handy in those moments.



7. How can you forget cash and cards? Keep your cash and cards in a good wallet and keep this wallet in your bag at all times because as women, we often tend to want to swipe cards at fashion stores and other places. Also keep a copy of your passport and your driver’s license.

8. Blotting papers are a necessity. Our skin secretes oils throughout the day. Not only does this oil attract dirt, it also makes us look tired and unprepared. Oil also spoils the make-up. Keep some blotting papers to wipe away that excess oil.

9. While most women tend to maintain a certain distance from technology, there are certain technological things that even a women cannot do without — a pen drive is one of them. This little item stores so much — documents, films, etc. — that it’s absolutely necessary to have it with you at all times.


10. Last, but not the least, always make some space for make-up in your bag. Keep a compact that will help you get rid of the extra oil. A compact also serves the purpose of re-working the make-up. Keep at least two lipsticks — keep your favorite shades. Other than this, you must also keep a mascara, blush and a foundation cream. Always also keep a hair brush and a face wash. You never know when you might end up needing one of these.