4 New Amazing Ideas for Valentine Presents 2017




Valentine is the time in the year when you show your love to others. The common is to share gifts with your beloved persons, and selecting the right valentine`s  presents may be a bit difficult to some of us, so in this article we are going to show you few simple yet attractive and unique valentine gift ideas.


1- Heart shape Tea bag for unique valentine`s morning.


Why not to start Valentin’s morning with a romantic and sweet minutes? As we all know a cup of tea is like a hug.. so it`s fantastic to make it with a heart shape tag.

All that you need is white coffee filters, a piece of cardstock, needle, thread, scissors, tea, crepe paper and finally glue.

Simply start with using the cardstock to cut a heart shape using your scissors. Next step is to implement the heart shape in the middle of the coffee filter and to cut 2 pieces from the heart shape, then use your needle and start pulling them up together, only leave the top part open to insert 2 spoons from your favorite tea,  and finish pulling the tea bag. Now, all that you need is to use the crepe paper to create a heart shape and then use the glue to fix it to a needle. Now your heart shape tag should be ready for your use 🙂

Project details here: link


2.  Use flowers to create amazing bedroom decor.


Who said gifts should be expensive ?? Flowers can be fantastic to create perfect décor, either for your bedroom, or any other room in home.

All what you need is to pick up your favored flower colour, types and  sizes matching with your own home style.  A combination of White, red and rose colours can be perfect.

Project details here: link


3- Décor your dinner table with “I love you”


lovejoanne 1

Who don`t love candle?? Ok, actually we all love to see a candle on our dinner table, especially if it holds our names! What you need to finish up this task is: card paper, a smooth sided candle, cup, gift wrap tape, scissors, push pins and finally a hair dryer, and finally printer. Now enter both in the printer, and print your  I love you message on the tissue side. Third step is to trim the printed tissue side on the candle properly and use the pushpin to fix it on its place.

Last step is to use the hairdryer over the paper side for few minutes, you should stop once noticing melted wax adhere to the paper.

Finally you got your costumed candle on budget.


4- You are the light of my life .. Create it yourself!


source: Valentines-light-bulb

This gift is very simple and expressive. Create a simple lamp with heart shape,  with a romantic note on it.


Making way is really simple and not expensive. All what you need is red/pink  thin gauge wire,  light bulb with your wanted size/ type according to your idea where to use it, pliers, screwdriver (It`s easy to work with it J), safety goggles, a piece of wood that you don`t need any more,  2 pins, your message printed on a paper, wire cutters (use it carefully), hammer and nail (you will not need them if  you`re using  soft balsa), and finally a hot glue gun.


The next videos shows how to proceed with your gift easily and safely…