7 fashion choices that are always in vogue




The best and worst part about fashion is that is keeps on changing. If you are a finicky little girl who gets tired of everything easily, fashion can surprise you with its forever changing trends. However, if you are a smart investor who believes in longevity and commitment, fashion’s fickle nature will put you in despair.

The good part is there are certain things that are always in vogue — these pieces make a solid investment as they will never leave your side.

Here are some fashion choices that never go out of style and that always make you look good.

1. A white shirt:



Irrespective of the year and season, a white shirt is always a good idea — it is a fashion choice that is eternally modish. The good thing about a white shirt is that it can be matched with just about anything. Pair it with distressed denims for a day out with friends. For a date night, match your favorite white shirt with a leather skirt to pull a ladylike look.

2. A leather jacket:


A leather jacket is one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe. There are so many ways to wear this multi-purpose piece. If you are already tired of wearing it with a jeans, take a cue from Sarah Jessica Parker and match your favorite leather jacket with a tulle skirt. Add a metallic blazer and you are ready for a night of romping.

3. Animal Prints:


Animal prints make a comeback every single season. There is a reason why stars like Dakota Johnson and Jennifer Lopez are seen dawning animal prints — animal prints use solid colors which look good in all seasons.

4. Printed Scarf:

Image Credits : taz + belly


A printed scarf is yet another versatile piece. You can use and reuse it to align yourself with the current fashion trends. If you are someone who believes in buying one-of-a-kind pieces and do not mind splurging on magnificence, buy a Hermes scarf and you are sorted for life. Though this scarf will leave your bank account a little empty, it will establish also your status as a fashion fanatic in your circle.


5. Black Dress:


We know women who have a section of their wardrobe dedicated entirely to the little black dresses. The little black dress was created by the mother of fashion, Coco Chanel.

Image Credits : Nathan

Black makes you look thin and it is a color that can be worn to suit any occasion. Invest in a figure-flattering black dresses and you will find at least some of your fashion woes leaving your side soon.

6. Blazer:

Image Credits : Maegan Tintari

There was a time when a blazer was considered a man’s prerogative. However, with the advent of androgynous clothing, blazers have thankfully found a place in women’s wardrobe. Not only can you wear it to your office, you can tweak it a bit to make an amazing party attire.

7. Nude pumps:

Image Credits : Dee ♥

Pumps enhance a woman’s femininity and curves. They also give you an erect and impressive posture. Invest in a pair of nude pumps and you are sorted on almost all fronts. Your nude pumps will look good with both formal as well as causal wear and their neutral hue will compliment every color you wear.

It is always a good idea to spend your money on fashion items that never go out of style — this way not only are you always trendsetting, you also get your value for money.