Are you ready for a relationship?




There is something about being in a relationship that makes people want to be in one even when they are not ready for it. There is no dearth of people who are stuck in a relationship for all the wrong reasons. When love is not right, it can become a source of constant pain and anxiety if Are you someone who wants to be committed only because you are tired of being single? Are you really ready for a relationship?

Here are a few signs that will help you decide better.

1. You are ready for a relationship if you have found someone who understands you as much as you understand yourself. More importantly, you are ready for a relationship if you have found someone whose mind you understand. When two people know and understand each other, they are able to make things work even when they are going through their lowest and that’s the only thing that ensures a happy, healthy and long relationship.

2. You are good to go in a relationship if you feel happy in your own company and do not want love only to keep you distracted from your problems. When people are happy being themselves, they find love for the right reasons. However, when people are unhappy beings, they find love for all the wrong reasons.

3. You should be in a relationship if you are ready to put someone else’s needs ahead of yours. Relationships are difficult and demand constant care and attention. There will be times when your partner will need you and you will have to be there for them even when it is difficult for you to do so. You must get into a relationship if you are ready to make sacrifices and changes.

4. People get in and out of relationships all the time. While some relationships do not leave an impact, there are certain relationships that are capable of changing your world. Were you in such a relationship in the past? If yes, you should get into a relationship only if you are over your past and are ready to make a new beginning. Rebound relationships only cause more trouble and pain.

5. You should be in a relationship if you know how to not put everything on stake. Not every relationship will work. There are going to be heartbreaks and there will be times when you will be disappointed and depressed. Be in a relationship if you are not afraid of getting your heart broken and if you are willing to take your chances.


6. If you never have moments of loneliness because your friends are always there for you, you can think about getting in a relationship. In the absence of friends, people, sometimes, get desperate to get into a relationship to drive away their loneliness. If you are someone who already have healthy relationships in your life, it is quite unlikely that you will make the mistake of getting into a wrong relationship.

7. You are ready for a relationship if you are willing to accept another person for who they are and unwilling to mould them as per your own demands. If you are accepting your partner just the way they are, it only means you like the person they are and that’s a very good reason to be in a relationship with them. Similarly, they should also feel the same way about you.