Benefits of foot message, it’s really worth it




Chemical medications can be essential for all diseases, however for some health issue following the nature can be the best treatment. Massage can be considered as the core of the natural treatment.

That`s because of the numerous benefits for massage for all the body. Following massage sessions, we can easily rest and relief from many daily healthy issues like stress, tension, muscle pain, etc.
One popular massage type, which is taking a big attention nowadays is “Feet massage” . The effects and implications of feet massage can reach every cell in our bodies, thus it can easily affect both neurological and psychological aspects. According to specialists , following are the main benefits we gain from practicing feet massage.

1. Positive effect on blood circulation


Nowadays life style and the increasing technology surrounding us everywhere, actually reduce our physical movements and muscles based activities during the day. In turn, that will definitely reduce our blood circulation, causing serious illness to our bodies.

Having feet reflexology sessions can change that!! Yes, that`s true! As such session can help in increasing the blood flow throughout our bodies, with a specific focus to our limbs. Which can also benefits people who are practicing extra physical effort activities during their daily routine , or who stand up for long times


2. Avoid Injuring in feet and ankle:


Massage role doesn’t stop at the treatment of daily muscles pain and In addition to its role in the treatment of muscles pain and cramps, but you can follow massage routine with a proper exercise schedule as a protective procedures from future feet injuries.


3. Beat bad headaches and migraines




The main reason for bad bouts of migraines and headaches can be the over stress and tension. In this case, feet massage can play a major role in the treatment of such syndromes.

In a study conducted by the Spanish university “Granada” , practicing regular 2-3 sessions of feet massage helps in beating the chronic migraine headaches.

5. Controlling of the high blood levels

Everyday activities in such speedy world can easily manipulator our nerves, causing a non-stable blood pressure. For those who don`t know, unstable blood pressure can cause serious impact on our health, which may cause death in some cases! According to recent researches, people with regular feet massage routine for minimum 30 minutes per week, are less likely to suffer from unstable blood pressure levels.
6. Beat flat foot pain
Have you ever ended your job, vacancy or physical training due to noisy flat foot pain?? Well, if this is the case then little feet massage routine can help you to come back to normal lifestyle without chemical medication.

7- Feel cold? Use feet massage to warm up your body!

In winter our lower limps are the 1st to feel cold, and then cause to spread coldness in the full body!. So, to save your energy cycle, massage can really help. Practicing feet massage in cold days allows the heat to spread starting from lower limps to the whole body.

8. Water retention in feet caused by pregnancy


The last feature to talk about today is concerning women. For pregnant women, water retention in feet is considered a big health issue which cause a lot of pain during movements, and thus affects the whole day routine for at least 1-3 months. With such caused big pain from water retention in feet, another benefit for feet massage sessions showed up, to present a natural solution for this problem.

Referring to the above mentioned great benefits for feet massage, why not to have your own weekly routine from massage seasons, so you keep calm and fresh every day!!