Bridal Make-Up Tips will make your day much easier




Its your big day and you need to look perfect ,most important unique. Whether your doing your own makeup or having a makeup artist doing it these tips always come out handy


Tip 1: When is your wedding? Your wedding date is very important when it comes to makeup. Its more of a concern if your wedding is in summer where the climate is relatively hot because makeup is not likely to stay in place when the temperatures are high. You need to purchase water proof products and keep your skin well hydrated. In winter you might need to use alcohol free products as products that are alcohol based tend to take away moisture.

Tip 2: For flawless skin on your wedding makeup is not the only hero. If your skin is better off to start with the results are amazing. So, if you have dry skin,acne,acne scars, dark circles under your eyes or any other skin problem its better to work on your skin way before your wedding date. Its very important for you to know that any dermatological problem takes at least six weeks to start showing improvement.


Tip 3: Never try any new maneuver on your skin at least one month before your wedding. For example if you have fine facial hair and never tried bleaching or waxing your face and are willing to ,try it at least a month ahead. You never know how your skin will react to it and to what degree. Skin allergies ,redness and sometimes even burns can be manifested and will need time to cure. Also plucking your eyebrows differently or changing their shape needs testing. If they didn’t turn out the way you thought they will you will need enough time for them to grow back.




Tip 4: Do not pick up any makeup look and stick to it. Not every makeup suits every face. Eye shapes differ and accordingly eye looks differ. Know what suits your features best.




Tip 5: For your makeup to stick and last longer you need a primer. Priming your face after moisturizing it helps the makeup stay longer.




Tip 6: Foundation. Never go cheap on foundation. Use the correct shade. Its preferable to go one shade darker than your skin tone because flash lights tend to brighten you more and give u a shade that isn’t really yours. Avoid using silicone based or waxy foundations that may run off the skin. Make sure that you spread your foundation all over you neck and ears to have matching face and body.




Tip 7: Put on your makeup in day light and never florescent. Wear a white shirt to see how the make up looks like on the color be wearing all day.
Make sure you are wearing something buttoned or with a wide neck opening you don’t want to smudge your makeup taking your cloths off.




Tip 8: Go classic with your makeup and not trendy,remember your wedding photographs will last a life time. You don’t want to look back at your photos and think you looked like a star war alien.




Tip 9: Use water proof mascara and eye liner. Believe me you will end up shedding some tears.




Tip 10: Use a good quality setting spray after finishing your makeup to make it last longer . Some setting sprays also help your makeup look more natural and not cakey.



veil-850119_640Smile, enjoy the moment and cherish it. I hope you rock your day.