Dealing with anxiety and stress before wedding




Women begin to plan their wedding the day they learn the word. They plan their big day for years, creating notes about every little thing that matters. Since your wedding is the single most important event of your life, it is normal to have butterflies in your stomach on your wedding day and before it. It is also normal to get panic attacks. Do not worry, it happens with every single woman. The only thing you need to learn to do is calm yourself down. Have you been getting worried sick thinking about your wedding? We will teach you how to calm your nerves.

1. Meditate:


One of the best ways to get rid of anxiety and stress before your wedding day is to do Yoga. Yoga slows down your heartbeats and relaxes your muscles. It also gives you the peace of mind that you need. However, if amidst the busy schedule, you are unable to find time to do yoga, simply learn to breathe in and out every time you get stressed. This exercise will bring you some relief.

2. Plan in time:



Sometimes, women start feeling stressed when things do not go their way. A good way to keep stress away from you on your wedding day is to plan everything in advance. Make sure that the caterer you have chosen is good and will arrive on time. Similarly, choose a florist that you can trust. And make sure you have sent all the invites before time.

3. Build a team of bridesmaids:

Image Credits: Perin

Your friends will help you relax when nothing else seems to be working. You must divide your work. Surely, you do not want to be taking care of the florist and pianist when you should be getting ready for your big day. Surround yourself with people you trust and entrust them with responsibilities. The idea is to not take everything on yourself.

4. Take a warm water bath and feed yourself well:


You’re worried probably because you are hungry. Many women stop eating as their big day begins to come near. Do not do that — feed yourself well as you will need all the energy you can gather. If your wedding worries are not leaving you, take a warm water bath — there are no tensions that a warm water bath cannot chase off.

5. Go for a night of dancing:


Dancing is the best therapy we know. If nothing else works, go out for a night of dancing with your best friends. The crowd will make you forget all your worries and your friends will ensure that your mind does not veer to what’s been troubling you.

6. Learn to laugh and build confidence:



Stress and anxiety are a part of life. You must learn to laugh it off. As a bride-to-be, if you are getting panicked, it is probably because you are over-stressing yourself over things that might not even happen. Laugh off your worries and constantly reassure yourself that everything will go fine because it truly will.

7. Think of the person you are marrying:

If you have tried everything and nothing seems to be working, close your eyes and think about the man you are about to marry. You will understand how mundane everything else is. The only that matters is that you two are together and are in love.

It’s okay to get nervous, but it is not okay to let that nervousness rule you. Do not let your anxieties conquer you. Instead, conquer your anxieties.