Can You Handle an Open Relationship ?




From the outside, open relationships look easy. However, once you are in one, you will understand the toll they take on your physical and mental well-being. Open relationships can sometimes lead to situations that are embarrassing and stressful. There are only a handful of people who can handle the stress that comes with an open relationship. If you are in an open relationship or are planning to get into one, here’s everything you need to know.



1. Know your reason to be involved in an open relationship:

If you are already involved in an open relationship or are planning to get into one, you must asses your reasons. If you are planning to get into an open relationship only because you and your partner fight a lot, you are choosing to move into a wrong direction. However, if you are getting an open relationship because both you and your partner feel you can benefit from casual sex or meaningless flings, an open relationship might actually work for you.


2. Learn to handle jealousy:

You can handle an open relationship only if you can handle jealousy. Jealousy is a very integral part of such relationships as there is no security — the person you love can walk out on you at any point of time. This fact will drive you crazy. If you are courageous enough to handle insecurity and jealousy, you will be able to handle an open relationship.


3. Communicate:

If you want to make an open relationship work, you must put out everything on the table. There should be no secrets. You should let all parties involved know what your intentions are, what you expect from others and how much are you willing to give. If you don’t keep things clear from the very start, chances are you will end up creating a bad mess.


4. There are some people you should stay away from:

Though an open relationship essentially means that you can sleep with whosoever you want, there are certain people you should consciously stay away from as sleeping with them will only make your life messy and painful. You will enjoy much more in an open relationship if you follow certain rules and create some boundaries.


5. Be logical:

Open relationships get destroyed when two people become illogical and selfish. Mostly, people involved in an open relationship want their freedom but are not willing to give freedom to their partner. If you want to make an open relationship work, you must understand that the liberties granted in such a relationship are to be enjoyed by everyone involved and not just one person.


6. Do a trial period:

Do not jump into an open relationship without some research and experience. We often play with ideas that are crazy but we do not put every such idea into action, right? If you are planning to get into an open relationship, do a short trial period and see how things work for you. If you think you cannot handle the tautness of open relationships, pull your feet back.


7. Enjoy the ride while it lasts:

If you truly want to enjoy an open relationship, forget everything else and concentrate on the things that make you happy. You got into an open relationship because you wanted to get away from the pressure of a monogamous relationship and everything that comes with it, right? So you might as well forget about everything else and enjoy the ride.