How do high school sweethearts last longer than a normal couple?




A recent study confirmed the fact that the couples who meet during school years are more likely to have a successful and happy relationship. The divorce rate is relatively low for high school sweethearts. So, what is it about high school couples that keeps them wrapped in eternal love? There are many things that work together to keep the flame burning in such relationships. Here are a few reasons why these people have a more successful relationship.

High School Sweethearts have already seen each other through their worst phase

image credit : Andres Rodriguez

Teenage is the most awkward phase of life. It is the time when you wear spectacles on your freckled face and clothes you will never buy when you grow up. High school sweethearts stay together because they choose their partner at a time when they were most awkward and liked them even then. People grow and get better with age and hence, so does the love of such couples for each other.

You have already conquered the lows


Every relationship goes through a phase when nothing is right and it is mostly during such phases that people fall apart and choose to go their different ways. High School Sweethearts are most likely to stay together because they have already gone through these phases and have come out victorious. They managed to stick together even when nothing was working for them and this commitment made their relationship more stronger than ever.


You understand each other like no one else does


As high school sweethearts, two people have stayed together for so long that they end up knowing each other very well. This also means that they have adjusted according to each other. When two people have stayed in a relationship for this long, they unquestionably know what the other person wants. Words become redundant — sometimes, they can even understand each other without saying a word. They also know when the other person is angry, sad or depressed and know exactly how to perk their mood. This helps in keeping the romance and love alive.


You have always been there for each other


As high school sweethearts, two people have already proved their commitment for each other over time. One of the reasons why they have been able to stick with each other is because they have been there for each other when they were most needed. Together, they have so much to look back on – they have memories that make them want to stay together forever and create many more moments because they know that there is a person who will always be there for them and that they might never have such a strong bonding with another person ever again.


Your families are close too


Since, as high school sweethearts, two people have known each other for so long, their families become close too. It is quite likely that there have been many occasions during which their families came together and bonded with each other. Not just that, as a couple, high school sweethearts have spent enough time with their partner’s family that they have got enough chances to bond well with them. As they say, with time comes acceptance and love.

It is one of the most beautiful thing to see two people fall in love at an early age and spend the rest of their life together. In today’s world, it’s a rare site that makes the heart feel elated.