How to become a street style star?




Street style is the most affordable type of fashion — it is also one of the best ways to display your creativity and personal style. Street fashion did not evolve in studios and boutiques where fashion designers are always hard at work trying to develop new trends and styles.

Instead, this form of fashion evolved in the streets. Street fashion is also generally associated with youth culture.

Though only creativity and a certain flare of individualistic style will help you become a street style expert, here are a few tricks that will help you transition from a boutique lover to a street style star:

1. Wear attention grabbing accessories: Street style is all about wearing fashion that demands attention. However, you must do it subtly, Street style allows you to wear fashion accessories that you cannot dare to wear anywhere else. From saddle purses and chunky belts and thigh-high boots, street style is all about making a statement. This season, we recommend you to invest in a pair of studded glasses and jeweled sneakers.

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Image Credits: Maegan Tintari


Image Credits : Maria Morri

Image Credits : By Tomwsulcer (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons
2. Experiment with your style:

Just because sheath dresses or lace tops are in vogue doesn’t mean you have to wear them. Street style is all about individualistic choices. If you think you want to wear flared bejeweled pants instead of a ripped jeans, go with what your heart says. Likewise, if you think you want to sport burgundy in summers, don’t be afraid, go ahead. The best thing about street style is that it follows no norms. However, remember to carry everything with style and aplomb otherwise you will end up looking like someone who tried too hard and failed miserably.



3. Have fun with your style:

The most important thing about street style is that you must have fun. Stop taking everything very seriously. Experiment with your hairstyle. Just because straight hair look good on you doesn’t mean you should always wear them the same way. Take a risk and for a change, experiment with your hairstyle. Likewise, experiment with fabrics, trends, accessories, etc.



4. Play with proportions: One of the best ways to look effortlessly chic while attempting street style is to play with proportions. Add at least one baggy piece of clothing to your whole look. If you are wearing a crop top and a motorcycle jacket, wear a fluid and roomy skirt. Likewise, if you are wearing thin cropped pants, throw in your boyfriend’s jacket to look cool.

Image Credits : Maria Morri

5. Try denim on denim: One of the biggest street style trends this season is denim on denim. Pair two pieces of denim and give it an understated look by throwing in a solid color. Accessories also have an important role to play here. Tan accessories really quirk up the denim on denim look.

Image Credits: Maegan Tintari


6. Borrow from your boyfriend: This is a street style mantra that will always make you look good. Androgynous styling is one of the most important things you must learn if you want to become a street style star. You can borrow rocker tees, sneakers and beanies from your boyfriend. If you are in a mood to have too much fun, you can even borrow his ties and accessories.


It’s not difficult to be a street style star — all you need to do is develop your own individualistic style and flaunt it proudly.