How To Choose the Right Dog Breed For Your Family




Getting a pet dog is really a Zen process of self-discovery. You can’t know the right dog for you until you know yourself. For example, a jock would prefer an active dog. A lazy slug would prefer a dog that doesn’t require much exercise.

A touchy-feely person would prefer a calm and friendly dog. A tightly-wound person would probably prefer a dog that doesn’t bark or shed too much. Think of picking a pup like choosing a mate; you have to find one that compliments your personality.
If you are residing in a big property then you are more equipped for one of the bigger breeds but then choosing the right dog breed is not all about the size of your home, it is also down to personal choice.

bruges-1288269_640You might live in the biggest place imaginable but be opposed to big dogs, obviously if you are in a small place you could not even consider homing a big breed of dog.



How much time can you spend with your dog daily? This is a very important point to think about when choosing the right dog breed. Some breeds require a lot of exercise whilst some are more than happy with a gentle stroll around the block.


There are the “energetic” breeds of dog these are the breeds that require at least 2-3 hours daily off lead exercise & even then would do it all again in a flash! These are the Border Collies, Huskies, Springer Spaniels & German Shepherds to name but a few.


This particular group of dog are best suited to people who are home most of the time, perhaps work from home & that can offer their dog play at home along with the outdoor exercise that they require.

You also need to consider who else will be living with the dog when choosing the right dog breed, if you have a family then you will require a dog that possesses a great and Easy temperament with children. A calmer breed of dog would be perfect maybe a Labrador or a Retriever.


Another point to consider when choosing the right breed of dog is that occasionally you will discover a dog that is not breed specific, by this I mean not all Husky are manic, speed freaks & not all Bulldog are couch potatoes.

husky-609554_640There are certain dogs that just do not seem to of heard of their particular dog breed attributes & actually do not possess any of the “normal” qualities specific to their breed!



The best scenario when choosing the right dog breed is to spend time with your chosen dog first, before you leap into a purchase. Become acquainted with them, it takes time to know your dog’s every thought & even then you cannot always predict what they are going to do.

You need to take your time when choosing the right dog breed. There are many mixed breeds out there that are loving & gentle dogs too, they have a mixture of several dogs characteristics in them which usually works in their favour.

So when choosing the right dog breed there are many aspects to consider, size of property, time available, who else is living with your chosen dog, other pets you might have, exercise required and your lifestyle.



Choosing the right breed of dog should take time & be taken as seriously as selecting a new car. Remember your chosen dog will, hopefully, be with you for the next 10-15 years so you really do need to ensure that your choice is the right one for both your sake & for your new dogs sake.