How to get dramatic eyes




They say eyes are windows to the soul. This is precisely why you should highlight your eyes and draw attention to them. Every woman’s make-up routine includes three important things: mascara, eye liner and kohl. These three essentials provide volume and glaze to your eyes. However, it is good to experiment with the eye make-up and move beyond the three essentials every once in a while. Dramatic eyes can make you stand out. Here’s how you can get dramatic eyes in a few simple steps.

1. Highlighting is important as it gives finish to the entire look. The highlighter you choose should be at least three shades lighter than your skin tone. Take this highlighter and with a make-up brush, apply it on the upper and lower inner corners of your eyes. Remember to highlight just underneath your brows.



2. Take an eye shadow that is at least one shade darker than your skin tone. Use another make-up brush to apply this eye shadow to your whole eyelid. Blend the eye shadow and the highlighter at the corners and the eye’s natural crease so that the two colours merge well.

3. Now take an eye shadow that’s dark in color. You can go for either a solid charcoal grey or dark brown. Dab only a little bit of this eye shadow on your brush and start applying on the edge of the outer corner of your eyes. Blend inwards. It is important that you don’t cover the entire eyelid with this eye shadow or else the colors will loose their charm.

4. Take a blending brush and blend all the colors so that no lines are visible. Every colour should transition smoothly into the next one.

5. Now, apply the lighter eye shadow on the inner corner of your lower eyelid and apply the darker eye shadow on the outer corner of your lower eyelid.

6. Take an eye-liner and apply it to the upper eyelid. For a dramatic finish, make sure that your eye-liner is thick and winged at the corners. Making a wing will take some practice and patience. If you wish to give your eyes a smudgy look, use your finger to smudge the eye liner. Do it lightly so that you get only a light shade on your upper eyelid.

7. Use a mascara to complete your look. To add definition and more drama, use kohl.

This is one of the easiest ways to get dramatic eyes. The best part about this kind of eye make up is that it suits every skin tone. However, if you wish to add more drama to your eyes, you can do so by using colored eye shadows and colored kohl. To get the black and blue eye look, repeat the above steps and add a blue kohl in the end. Likewise, to get the Arabian style look, use only a highlighter and then add a black eye shadow to the crease of your eyes. End this eye shadow into wings.

Image Credits: Aurora CuaCua
Image Credits: Aurora CuaCua

Small tips: Always use cleansing milk to clean your eyes before washing your face and moisturize well before going to sleep. This will prevent under-eyes and wrinkles.