Make your own Valentine’s Day Presents with this YouTube Videos




There is not much to say here except that you have to watch each video Tutorial that can be very useful especially this day when Valentine’s Day is almost there.

We picked up some of the handmade gifts videos, easy to make and very simple that you can make it on your own without wasting lots of money and be waiting in a queue.

Making gifts by your own have a special taste different than just buying one and giving it to your partner or a friend.  It’s very recognizable either you make them for your partner, friends or your family.



1- Now let us show you a couple of video tutorials can be very helpful.
First one is Titled as: How to Make Handmade Valentine’s Card – DIY + Tutorial 

Obviously clear from the title you will be able to make a very nice looking Valentine’s Card for your Partner.

This video made by: DIY Paper Crafts & Origami



2- Here is one more Video from DIY Paper Crafts & Origami with an amazingly creative idea for a Handmade Valentine’s Card Tutorial.

The Video title is:
Creative Ideas: How to Make Handmade Valentine’s Card – DIY + Tutorial.


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3- Next Video is very awesome and I tried to make my valentine card from it this year and I succeeded even I didn’t use the same cutting machine that she has and I made it anyway with a regular cutting blade.

This video is a bit advanced but it’s worth the time believe me 🙂

The Video title is:
Triple Heart Easel Card Tutorial

Video is made by Brenda Quintana


Follow her channel to see more of handmade craft ideas:


4- Next video is very simple, short and the easiest one from my opinion.
This video show you how to create a very cute and simple Shaker Card you can send to your partner and I find this very lovely especially for valentine’s day occasion.

You can make the hearts with a heart hole punch and decorative paper.

The Video title is:
Valentine’s Day Shaker Card DIY

Video is made by Dream Gem



Follow her channel to see more of handmade craft ideas:



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