Parasite Warning Signs Infection (weight gain, anxiety, sugar cravings, bloating) And Find Out How To Cure It




What can trigger weight gain, destroy digestion, increase anxiety and fuel sugar cravings is a hidden epidemic.

About 25 years ago, the Chief of Pathobiology at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research named Peter Weina, found out that there is a problem with tremendous parasite that is not being identified.

Invisible culpritis may be the underlying cause if you struggle often with fatigue, or any of the following symptoms:

1- Muscle or joint pain

2- Having trouble with sleeping or nighttime teeth grinding

3-Dark circles around or under the eyes

4- Depression, anxiety, nervousness


5- Acne, rashes, eczema, hives or other skin conditions

6-Sensory disorder such as vertigo, brain fog or poor coordination

7-Frequent infections such as yeast infections and colds

8 -Intestinal issues like intermittent constipation, gas, bloating and diarrhea


People are still not aware of the parasites. But it was found out that 32% of a nationally representative sample of almost 2,900 people tested positive for parasitic infections, and that at least 48 states have fought measurable outbreaks.

What can contribute to the spread of parasites is increased international travel, polluted soil and water, inadequate hygiene, undercooked/raw or microwaved fish, improperly washed fruits and vegetables and meat and poultry.
Many serious health problems are caused by parasites, so it is finally time to bring this epidemic into focus.
When there is a parasite within your body, then they will ‘’steal’’ from your food and nutrients and they will produce toxic waste inside our bodies as well as destroying our cells and tissues.

The following are the warning signs:

-Inability to lose or gain weight
-Skin conditions – Eczema, hives, rashes and sores can be caused by parasites
-Gas and bloating – If the parasite lives in the upper small intestine, then it will make persistent abdominal distention
– Irritable bowel syndrome – Parasites can inflame the intestinal cell wall
-Constipation – Parasites have different size and shape and because of that they can block the bile duct and intestinal tract
-Joint and muscle aches/pains
-Anemia – You can lose enough blood to cause iron deficiency or anemia if there are enough parasites
-Food and environmental allergies – Sometimes the parasites can cause allergic reactions because they irritate and sometimes perforate the intestinal lining
-Secondary dairy and gluten intolerance – Avoid milk and cheese because many parasites like roundworm and Giardia can trigger secondary lactose and casein intolerance
-Sugar cravings – If you have a diet that is high in simple carbs like white flour, sugar and milk, that way you are feeding your uninvited guests, also natural sweets like rice syrup, fruit juice sweeteners and honey.
-Grinding of the teeth, dark circles under the eyes and overall fatigue

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