Relationship tips that will help every couple in the long run




There is no such thing as a perfect relationship — every relationship is imperfect. Two people are able to stay eternally in love only when they wholly commit to each other. This entails working to uphold the strength and virtue of your relationship each day. Each relationship is different — only the two people who are actually a part of it can understand it wholly. However, there are certain things that are true of every relationship. Likewise, here are a few relationship tips that work for almost every couple.

1. Honesty is the biggest virtue in any relationship. Being honest may some time lead to arguments and quarrels. When this happens, you might feel the urge to lie and hide things. However, resist from doing so — speak the truth. In the long run, honesty establishes the foundation for trust, belief and a healthy relationship.

2. Segregate facts and feelings. Often, when people are in a relationship, they start mixing facts with their feelings. Sometimes, your partner may be right in doing what he is doing. You, however, may not like it because he stands in contrast to your beliefs and feelings. Do not do so — present yourself as a person who speaks logic over sentiments.

3. Give each other space. When two people are in love, they sometimes tend to become insecure and jealous. Relationships bloom only when they are nurtured with love and trust. Give your partner the space they need. Allow them to spend some time with their friends. Do not open their messages or emails. Do not indulge in anything that’s puny and belittling. Let your partner be and they will always come back to you.

4. Spend quality time with each other. It is true that everything in life is about priorities. While you most certainly may have responsibilities and other commitments, your partner should not feel compromised by them — nothing in your life should come before your partner. Sometimes, people worry too much about the future and forget the present. This is a consequential mistake which should be avoided. Irrespective of your commitments and preoccupations, always manage to find time for your partner.

5. Let go of the small things that don’t count. When two people are in a relationship, they fight on even the smallest of issues. However, not everything should be given too much weight. Every time you fight with your partner, ask yourself: will all of this really matter after two days? If yes, argue, by all means. However, if the answer is no, let go because sometimes, letting go of smaller things make a bigger impact.

6. Do not be over-critical of your partner. You are one of the few people who know your partner in and out — you know both their good as well as the bad sides. While it is true that you are also one of the very few people who stand in a position to show them the mirror when needed, you must learn to do so with love and affection. If you are too harsh, your partner may end up feeling small and unimportant. Be careful, you do not want to hurt their feelings.