Shocking things you never knew about Valentine’s day


Sweet February: The month of Romance history 


Across the world, February is the month of Flowers, Candy, and gifts exchanged between lovers, and it is all in the name of ST. Valentine. He is the legend saint who was associated with Christian and ancient Roman traditions and rituals.


Valentine’s Day as we know it today is a day to celebrate love and romance between couples with about 1 billion greeting cards are presented between couples, but its history is more complicated than that. It related to the victory of ancient traditions.

The place where the story took place was ancient Rome, during the third century, when ST. Valentine was a priest during this period.

It was decided by Emperor Claudius II that single men are better soldiers, married men with wives and kids are worse for the war as they are attached to their families. Thus, he issued a low the prevent marriage of young men.

This law seemed injustice to ST. Valentine. So, he decided to perform of young lovers in secret. It was discovered, and Valentine was ordered to be put to death.

Nowadays, Valentine’s Day is recognized as the second popular day after Christmas. And thanks to his heroic actions, ST. Valentine has become one of the most famous saints around the world.


Here’s a Video we found very simple and short showing you the history of Valentine