Signs that show you have a healthy relationship




Relationships are tricky. The worst part about relationships is that you never know when they go from being fun and exhilarating to drab and boring. If you want your life to be filled with romance and love, you will have to constantly work on your love life. The signs are your first indication, you must observe you and your partner from time to time to see if you are in a healthy relationship. Here are a few signs that will give an indication of where you stand in your relationship:


1. You can say what you feel. You are in a fulfilling relationship if you always have a chance to speak your mind. If your partner is in love with you, your words and opinion will matter to him. He will not simply brush them aside, but pay heed to what you have to say. As a matter of fact, he will be supportive of you and will always ask for your opinion.




2. You are in a healthy relationship if you give each other enough space. Being in a relationship does not mean you have the right to pillage someone’s life. It also doesn’t mean that it is right to check your partner’s phone and email. If you trust your partner, you will never stoop down to doing anything like this. Also, if you are in a healthy relationship, you will not bombard or be bombarded with questions all the time. Space is integral to the working of a successful relationship.




3. You know you have a loving relationship when you take all your decisions together. Be it buying a car or bringing a pet into the house, you and your partner run things through each other before taking any final decisions.




4. You spend quality time with each other. Well they say, men are from Mars and women are from Venus. True that. However, when a man and a woman are in love, they are inseparable. They find the company of each other so soothing that they always manage to find some time for each other and to do things that they like. You are in a healthy relationship if you still go for date nights, movie nights, gaming sessions, etc.




5. You like your partner the way they are and they like you the way you are. While it is absolutely fine to want to change one or two qualities of your partner, if you wish to change more than that, know that there is something wrong.The same way, if your partner has been constantly criticizing every single thing you do, something somewhere is wrong.



6. The most important quality of a good relationship is that as partners you let go of things. When two individuals live together, there are bound to be fights and arguments. Chances are you will probably not agree on everything. Likewise, you will also not like everything your partner does, However, if you are happy being in the relationship in which you are, you will let go of things and look at the larger pictures. Small arguments and complaints won’t matter in comparison to the larger love that exists between the two of you.




7. Last, if you are in a healthy relationship, you will feel it during your love making sessions. Your partner will hold you with love and passion. Likewise, the romance and passion will flow naturally and nothing will be forced.