The right Dog for you.




A new dog joining the family is always something to anticipate, but things might turn out the wrong way if the dog picked is actually incompatible with the other members of the family.
Dogs of different breeds carry personalities and characteristics that are unique and different from one another. Some may be very temperamental yet others may need some coaching to actually pay attention when being told what to do. Some are well-behaved to begin with while others tend to be disobedient and may even be rebellious enough to fight back against whatever disciplinary action is inflicted on him or her.

golden retriever puppy

As a way of avoiding these complications, before buying a new puppy you should be able to distinguish which breed suits you and your family best.

There are over a hundred breeds out there for you to choose from. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, different colors, attitudes, and personalities that may or may not compliment the family.

Labrador puppy

If you’re looking for dogs that make great guard dogs, potential candidates for dog contests and shows, or simply to be your children’s friend and companion, then you have to do some research on which dog breed has the temperament and needs that will suit their task best. Some of the top choices for family dogs are retrievers, both Golden and Labrador, the Standard Poodle, English Springer spaniel, and terriers.

English Springer

Some enjoy Shi Tzus because of their long hair and that they make great show dogs as well.

Shi Tzus

Choosing a specific breed sometimes does not make a difference with how the dog behaves around the house, so it is also necessary to teach your dog certain house rules to avoid any mishaps and conflicts.



Now, I’m not saying that the dogs are the ones to blame for everything. It is also the responsibility of the members of the family to respect the pet dog and to treat him or her with care and love. If you want both your kids and your dog to be friendly and caring with one another, it is important that you teach both your kids and your pet dog how to behave inside the house.


child-1031047_640Another important detail to remember is that every dog has its own specific needs in order for it to live comfortably and happily in your family. Some dogs have long hair and need regular brushing everyday to keep them neat and tidy. Some dogs love a good exercise session every morning while other dogs prefer to stay home and play with the kids.

Every breed is special in their own way, so this should also be included in your criteria when searching for the right dog breed for your family. If asking pet shops and breeders for advice isn’t enough, you can go online and search for websites that have information for every breed there is available and that add important details like what each breed needs, what their temperaments are like, the grooming and diet they need, and the list goes on.