Too shy to meet someone




Shy people have a tough time meeting new people. Even when they want to express themselves, they are unable to find the right words, voice, or confidence to say what’s in their heart. Connecting with someone new is specially intimidating for such people. Their nervous energy stops them from becoming a more social person.

There are some cultures that induce shyness by segregating opposite sexes. For instance, in many Islamic cultures, men and women are deliberately kept away from each other. Likewise, in many Asian cultures, men and women aren’t allowed to mingle with each other. Such men and women, who have stayed away from the opposite sex all their life, find it difficult to socialize.

It is believed that shy people are essentially loners. It is not so. Shy people love the company of others as much as any other person.

However, their silence is often mistaken and read as a want for loneliness. If you are someone you belongs to the aforementioned category, you need not worry. One can get rid of their shyness. Here’s how:


1. Build confidence:

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Often people are shy because they have a low self-image. They find too many flaws with their personality. If you are a shy person, know that the person next to you has as many flaws as you, maybe even more. However, they do not have the tendency to over-criticize themselves. Sometimes, shy people believe what others say about them more than what the think of themselves. To get rid of your shyness, focus on your good traits and do not let the opinion of others influence you. Be fair to you and love yourself the way you are. Once you do that, everyone else will too.

2. Find out what makes you shy and do just that:


Shy people are comfortable doing certain things and uncomfortable doing certain others. As a shy person, you have to narrow it down to what makes you uneasy and do just that — get out of your comfort zone.

If speaking to an attractive guy puts you at discomfort, you must approach the first guy who comes along and speak with him, even if it scares the living daylights out of you. Engage with people — it will take the fear out of you. You will fail once, maybe twice, but sooner or later, you will conquer your fears and emerge victorious.


3. Get full control over yourself:


If you are a shy man or a shy woman, it is inevitable that you become anxious when you see a guy walking towards you. More importantly, your anxiety becomes uncontrollable and evident when the guy walking towards you is the guy you have had a crush on.
If you want to get rid of your shyness, you must learn to control your anxiety. Take long breaths — inhale and exhale. This will calm down your mind. Also, learn to shift the focus away by thinking about things that make you feel confident and positive. This exercise will take some time, but once you get used to it, you will easily be able to conquer your nervous energy.

4. Be patient and persistent:

If you are inherently shy, it will take some time to get rid of it. You won’t be able to talk to your crush the day you read this article. Likewise, you probably won’t be able to speak to a group of people two weeks from now. But, we assure you that one day, you will turn into a supremely confident person. It will take patience and persistence — do not give up if you fail. Stay positive and try harder every time you fall — that’s the only mantra that will work.