Will Online Dating Work For You?




There is a thrill about meeting someone new that cannot be explained. There are butterflies in your stomach and there is a nervousness that’s both sweet and bitter. Till a couple of years ago, dating was done the traditional way — friends and family played a match-maker and introduced you to suitable partners. Chance meetings and chance love stories were a norm too. However, of late, these quaint but sweet coincidences have been replaced by the tactical world of online dating. Is online dating it has its pros and cons.

Pros of Online Dating

The best part about online dating is that it gives you infinite choices. Unlike your friend, the internet does not introduce you to only a handful of people — your choices are unlimited. You can flirt as much as you want with as many people as you want. You also won’t be expected to go out with the first person you meet. Likewise, with the advent of online dating, you won’t be required to spend every night in a bar waiting for a potential date to walk in or trying hard to make a connection with someone. All you need is a laptop, and you can meet as many potential partners as you like. Online dating is especially good for shy people who loose their calm and nerve when they come across someone new. If you are a person who gets tongue-tied every time a beautiful woman or a handsome man walks over to you, online dating will provide you solace.

Yet another advantage of online dating is that you get to know everything about the person even before you meet them. In this age of Facebook and Google, it’s not difficult to get details. This only means no scary and awkward dates. As a matter of fact, if after doing your preliminary research you decide that you like the person you are about to meet, you can learn their likes and dislikes, and prepare yourself in advance.

As a matter of fact, Facebook has played a special role in creating memorable love stories. The world is now full of cross-border and trans-national love stories of people who were separated by borders, but Facebook brought them together.

Cons of Online Dating

However, online dating may create some bad experiences too. Since people can provide misleading or untrue information on the internet, some time you may end up falling for a person only to know that they are nothing like the person you hoped they would be. Thus, online dating can sometimes make you waste both your time and energy.

Yet another disadvantage of online dating is that it leaves no room for mystery and excitement. Since you will probably know everything there is to know about your date even before you meet them, you may end up missing that old charm of getting to know a person layer by layer.

Is online dating for you? Will you be able to find true love through online dating? The answer depends on the kind of person you are. If you are someone who likes to know exactly what you are getting into, online dating is definitely for you. However, if you are someone who enjoys mystery and thrill, maybe you should meet your date the old way — in a bar, through a friend.