Winter Fashion Trends




Winter is the time when you can finally take out all those furry and sexy things that you buy so often. From warm dresses to coats and boots, winter allows you to explore fashion like no other season. Fashion forecast predicts that the following trends will make it big during this winter season:

1. Black and White:

Image Credits: KIYOUNG KIM

This season, famous designers like Saint Laurent and Valentino have played with black and white of the colour palette. From stripes and checks to Rorschach-inspired prints, black and white ruled the runway and the trend is likely to continue during the winter season. Well, it’s finally time to pair your white dress with thigh-high black boots. However, if you want to make a stronger impact, we recommend playing with geometric prints this winter season. Throw in that leather biker jacket and you will have all eyes on you.


2. Puffy sleeves are in:


Full-sleeved clothes are a necessity during the winters. Put on display this season’s biggest fashion trend by going for puffy sleeves. Just like balloon sleeves were visible everywhere during the spring, puffy sleeves will be visible everywhere during winters. If you are planning on buy a new coat, make sure you pick up one that has puffed sleeves.


3. Over-sized clothes:

Buying over-sized clothes during winters makes a lot of sense. Not only are they stylist, they are also practical. Since you will have to stuff yourself with warm winter clothes, why not smartly hide them underneath an over-sized jacket and look fashionably smart.


Designers like Alexander Wang and Balenciaga presented a range of over-sized jackets on the runway this season. It’s not long before this fashion trend reaches the streets from runway.


4. Experiment with coats:

Image Credits: fervent-adepte-de-la-mode

Coats are a fashion staple during winters. Whether it is a casual outfit or a formal one, a good coat will make all the difference. This season, play with geometric prints in coat. Since black and white are the colors for this winter season, it’s a smart move to invest in a black and white plaid coat.

Image Credits: GoToVan

Short sleeves are in vogue too. Many designers presented short-sleeved fur coats on the runway — these look effortlessly chic and have the potential to transform any simple outfit into an ultra-glamorous look.

Image Credits: fervent-adepte-de-la-mode


5. Buy fabrics that are always in style:



This winter season, suede is making a grand comeback. And suede is here to stay. For winter, you can load your wardrobe with suede maxi skirts, boots and coats. Other than this, it is always a good idea to buy a fur, wool and velvet coat as they never go out of style. Some fashion pundits will try to convince you that lace is a good idea, but it is not. Stay away from lace.


6. Suit up:

Image Credits: GoToVan

Suits have been ruling the red carpet. Hollywood starlets like Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts were seen dawning suits on red carpet Suits are contemporary, chic, and most importantly, winter friendly. This winter season, leave that dress for that suit that you never wear.

7. Include sequins in your wardrobe:


Image Credits: BoråsBorås TME AB

Sequins are the best way to jazz up a dull outfit. This winter season, sequins are making a comeback. Pair your sequin skirt with a fur coat and booties and you will a style statement where ever you go.